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ExpressShelf is a design and build, pre-finished shelf and rod system that provides a fast and affordable alternative to traditional, built-in place painted-MDF plank and pole systems.

With its attractive and intelligent patent-pending hardware, ExpressShelf installs quickly and easily with basic tools or a drill template and eliminates the need for ladders, caulking, and painting.

Beautiful and functional for every room in the house.

ExpressShelf is ideal for reach-in, walk-in, coat closets, and laundry rooms, and where only a shelf is needed in linen closets and pantries.  The system is available in basic laminate or melamine option and utilizes ClosetMaid's MasterSuite™ top shelves and closet rods to provide additional colors or upgrade options for any style home or storage project.

These features combined with easy to install hardware allow for consistent fit, design, and space optimization with the ability to add on to them in the future.

ExpressShelf is installed to your specifications by Authorized ClosetMaid installing dealers backed by ClosetMaid's Free Replacement policy. Complimentary Professional Services such as storage design and order/delivery by project are also available.

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Download ExpressShelf 3-Part Spec (DOCX)

ExpressShelf™ by ClosetMaid®

Backwall Channel


  • Available Finishes: White and Black
  • Durable steel, 1.35”H x 0.89"D x 96”L
  • Can be stud or drywall mounted for easy installation
  • Top lip securely holds the shelf down; no nailing required

Sidewall Bracket


  • Available Finishes: White and Black
  • Durable steel, 1.35”H x 0.81"D x 11.74”L
  • Nests in the backwall channel for easy leveling

Universal Pole Cup


  • Available Finishes: White and Chrome
  • Durable cast metal part, 3.83”H x 1.50”D x 2”L
  • T-interface engages the sidewall bracket for quick positioning and fastening without measuring


ExpressShelf Closet Shelf4

  • Available Finishes: 12” White Laminate, 14” White Melamine, Antique White Melamine, Coastal Gray Melamine, and Chocolate Pear Melamine
  • Laminate shelf: 0.75”H x 11.67”D x 96”L
  • Melamine shelf: 0.75”H x 14"D x 96”L, industrial grade particle wood, 45 lbs. density per cubic foot. Thermal-fused melamine with 110 gram paper, 1 mm PVC edge banding.

Closet Rod

ExpressShelf Closet Rod5

  • Available Finishes: White and Chrome
  • 1 inch outer diameter, 1”H x 1”D x 120”L

Closet Rod End Caps

  • Available Finishes: White and Black
  • 1.75”H x 1.75”D x 1.30”L
  • Caps off an open end of the closet rod in a wall-to-open design

Angled Brackets


  • Available Finishes: White and Chrome
  • 7.43”H x 11.5”D x 1.84”L
  • Supports either a 12” or 14” shelf
  • Sleek profile maximizes space between shelves, minimizes obstruction
  • Hook supports a 1” OD closet rod and provided continuous slide of hangers
  • Installs to the shelf with wood screws and to the wall with drywall easy anchors and screws or stud mounted directly with screws without the requirement of cleats

Shelf Trim


  • Available Finishes: White and Chrome
  • 1.75”H x 1.0”D x 13.57”L
  • Easily installs on the shelf by the wall edges with hidden hardware
  • Provides 1/2” forgiveness if the shelf is cut imperfectly and provides a finished aesthetic. Eliminates caulking and painting.


Applications: Reach-in, walk-in closets, pantries, linen closets, and decorative shelving

Mounting: Wall mount

Specifications: Furnish and install ClosetMaid ExpressShelf pre-finished solid laminate or melamine shelf or shelf and rod system manufactured by ClosetMaid Corp., Ocala, FL in all closets, linen, and pantry.


Installation Instructions

  1. Cut the backwall channel to the same width as the back wall measured from corner to corner. Determine and mark the desired height for each shelf.
    1. For stud mount, level the backwall channel and fasten with screws directly to studs every 16" including the end slots using 1-1/2" wood screws.
    2. For drywall mount, level the backwall channel and mark easy anchor locations every 10"-12" including end slots. Drill pilot holes as needed using sharp bit; but do not punch. Install drywall easy anchors into holes. Secure the channel through the channel slots with screws into the anchors.
  2. Cut shelves at least 5/8" but no more than 1" (15.8 to 24.4 mm) shorter than actual wall measurements.
  3. Secure sidewall brackets using easy anchors and screws.
  4. For shelf with closet rod applications, install pole cups.
  5. Secure the cut shelf to the backwall channel and sidewall brackets with #8 x 5/8" wood screws. For shelf with closet rod applications, cut the closet rod the same length as the front of the shelf or as measured from pole cup to pole cup. Secure the closet rod to the pole cups with self-tapping screws.
  6. Install the angle support brackets. Space and mount angled brackets equidistant from each supported end of the shelf but not more than 32" apart. For unsupported ends, a bracket is required to be placed no more than 6" from an unsupported end of a shelf and preferably into studs. Secure brackets to wall using the appropriate fastener, then secure brackets to the shelf with wood screws.
  7. Secure the shelf trim to the shelf at each wall-supported end, with wood screws.

You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions supplied by ClosetMaid to ensure eligibility for the replacement warranty.

Cleaning , Care, and Maintenance

  • Using a duster, remove debris from shelf surfaces. You may use mild liquid soap with warm or a mild household cleaner such as Formula 409® to remove dirt. Use a clean damp cloth to rinse-wipe the surface of the cleaning solution. Dry surface with a clean, soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Never use detergents, soap pads, or any cleaners with abrasives. Avoid use of paste wax and polishes that contain silicone. Buildup over time will leave a residue that attracts dust and will be difficult to remove.

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Antique White

Chocolate Pear


Coastal Gray