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Homebuyers want quality, whole-home closet and storage upgrades – and they’re paying well for them.

As a builder, you can profit if you know how to meet this demand. With ClosetMaid Professional Services, you’ll capture these sales by providing the closet and storage upgrades your customers want most, without taxing your own resources to do so.

You can install finished closet and storage products after paint, before flooring, and with minimal on-the-job site cuts. Thanks to ClosetMaid's quality and consistency, there is no need to paint or caulk after installing closet and storage systems. This contributes to a faster production cycle that plank and pole options simply cannot deliver.


What are ClosetMaid Professional Services?

Our Professional Services are a set of comprehensive resources from ClosetMaid that simplify the design, sale, order, and installation of quality ClosetMaid closet and storage systems. The resources we offer to you can be customized and scaled to compliment your company's needs perfectly – no matter what, where, when, and how you build. All you do is say “Yes!” to offering closet and storage upgrades – ClosetMaid Professional Services will do the rest.

Meet Your ClosetMaid Professional Service Representative

Your ClosetMaid Professional Service Representative (PSR) is at your service with expert closet and storage advice to simplify and solve the problems associated with closet and storage upgrades. Here's how:

Consultation: No one knows ClosetMaid systems better. Your PSR helps you select the right systems for any room or application, taking regional preferences and cost thresholds into account.

Design: Well-designed storage is part art, part science –  a blend of maximizing space, convenience, and aesthetics. Your PSR assists your design team, or will gladly take on the design task in its entirety.

Good/Better/Best Program Development: Homeowners want options for aesthetic, functionality, and price. Your PSR helps you develop Good/Better/Best packages for any or every room.

Logistics: The most profitable builders are masters of scheduling. Your ClosetMaid PSR will initially coordinate the process of systems to ensure all are specified, ordered, delivered, and installed to perfection at the precise time your schedule dictates.

Showroom/Model Home Support: Showcasing ClosetMaid upgrades and options is a key to driving sales. Your PSR helps equip your showroom and model homes with ClosetMaid products and point-of-sale collateral. ClosetMaid also showcases its product lines at independently-owned design centers in select areas nationwide.

Installation: ClosetMaid has the largest installing dealer network. No matter where you build, your PSR can coordinate the details for on-time, expert, white-glove installations.

Introducing ClosetMaid Concierge Services – Serving Your Homebuyer, to Better Serve You

ClosetMaid Concierge Services offers builders comprehensive assistance to their prospective homebuyers with closet storage and upgrade options, based upon the customer’s needs, lifestyle and budget. Details include:

  • Helpful whole-home closet and storage assessments
  • Closet design and consultation
  • Upgrade design with hardware, accessories and finish options
  • Referral to experienced ClosetMaid Authorized Installing Dealers