This is no simple task. There is undoubtedly both an art and a science to storage. Storage design requires attention to aesthetics and a level of order — accounting for everything having a place. Storage design taxes your patience, can be difficult to manage, and can involve a variety of manufactured products just to solve a single client need. Involving an expert in this process can provide the critical support required to ensure a successful project. ...
When storage is overlooked during new construction, the client will often rely on themselves to create their own solution (and their own clutter in the process). For retrofit or remodeling projects, storage can also present challenges as a variety of products may be needed for numerous applications. For example, the storage needs of a kitchen may not be applicable to those of an executive suite, office, or condominium.

With the support of ClosetMaid, you will be able to integrate solutions for storage using ClosetMaid’s full range of storage systems in your designs — before and after occupancy — to meet all of your client's requirements.



  • Product consultation
  • Design (assistance to 100%)
  • Drawings and details
  • Specifications
  • Estimates
  • Takeoffs
  • Installation support

ClosetMaid Supports Professional Continuing Education