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Opening Up: Homeowners are Organizing Themselves with Storage that Conveys Their Personality

Today’s homeowners, on average, can be expected to stay in the same house for 10-13 years – a significant increase compared to the period prior to the housing downturn in 2008 when the average stay was 6-9 years. As a result, our homes reflect our personalities more than ever. In fact, storage trends are falling right in line with lifestyle trends and preferences.

The Importance of Storage

Why We Should Re-Think the Value and Efficiency of Organization

While often overlooked, storage can be one of the most crucial elements to a happy, healthy, and organized living or work space. But all too often, storage is used in homes and offices to conceal the piles of clutter that don’t have a designated “place”. However, many homeowners and homebuyers are starting to catch on to the closet and storage trends that have been sweeping the market within the past three years. A study conducted by real estate website Zillow.com says closets have been the number two most-requested amenity since 2013.