Branding Strategies for Builders: Consistency and Customer Experience

As a builder, it is crucial to develop and understand your company’s values and goals. These will be the foundation of a strong brand identity and a consistent message.

A brand promises your customers a specific experience. “Without brand consistency, customers will lose sight of the message you are trying to portray and vital trust in your business,” according to an article by Rand Group.

The day-to-day operations of builders are hectic enough as it is. Delivering on company brand values and goals with customers in mind is a critical, foundational element of a strong brand identity. Consistent messaging and branding ultimately contribute to the overall customer experience – one they’ll always want to share with their friends.

The first place prospective clients are going to search for a builder is online. Be sure to use content and images on your website to further your identity. Showcase your employees, designs, and recently completed work. Get your prospects excited and keep them informed on how that work comes together — showcase everything from community events to popular products. This comprehensive approach will help make your brand creative and consistent.

Strongly desired brand identities and messages are reflected through the products you use and services that you offer. Assuming you use dependable products, customers will begin to believe in your business because the results will match the message.

New Home Source offers this piece of advice to homebuyers when selecting a builder, “…consider the building products that a builder uses: are they brands with well-earned reputations for quality?”

At the end of the day, the building practices that your company employs will ultimately be the driving force for word-of-mouth marketing amongst your clientele. Homeowners must be able to depend on you, so using reliable products across the board will play a huge role in determining your success.

Time is always a factor during the building process – and one that especially impacts customer satisfaction. Companies like ClosetMaid have developed products like ExpressShelf™ and others that install quickly and easily with basic tools – eliminating the need for ladders, caulking, or painting. For builders, ExpressShelf allows for a consistent fit, design, and space optimization. When time is of the essence, it is paramount to have options that will help you meet deadlines.

Quality products and time efficiency are invaluable commodities for builders. Their brand reputation relies on first-rate systems and dependable construction. With ExpressShelf, a trim carpenter or an after-paint specialty contractor can install the product as fast as 1 foot per minute! Not to mention, it can be used for reach-in, walk-in, coat closets, laundry rooms, linen closets, and pantries – offering extreme versatility.

Using products like ExpressShelf adds significant value to the identity of your brand. Not only are they high quality, but they are consistent in appearance and ease of installation. For example, ExpressShelf meets ANSI-BIFMA functional and proof load requirements, features a sleek and modern aesthetic, and can be uniformly installed room-to-room, house-to-house.

Inconsistencies in your product choice and services can hurt your brand image. By using products that are made to save builders time and provide reliability to homeowners, you can build a brand that customers want to work with. Utilizing effective branding tactics, along with reliable building practices and products, can routinely ensure cycle efficiency and customer satisfaction.

This article originally appeared on Professional Builder.