HGTV Veteran Collaborates with ClosetMaid on Latest Renovation Project

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of home renovation TV shows out there. And when it comes to style, viewers have their pick. Each show is packed with unique personalities, drama and, of course, a jaw-dropping final walkthrough that makes viewers want to pick up the phone and call a contractor.

But what none of these shows have is the true realities of what it takes for a homeowner to complete a successful home renovation.

For his first series of, Anthony takes viewers through the ins and outs of his latest personal renovation project: an old firehouse in Jersey City he’s renovating into a home.
That’s the premise of HGTV veteran Anthony Carrino’s new Vlog series and TV show—

“I feel like home renovation shows do a really big disservice to the general public,” Carrino said. “Many homeowners have no idea how much legwork goes into making these projects successful. And, as much as I love our HGTV shows, the format doesn’t allow us to teach the process.”

“I’ve put together real, actionable information for homeowners through this series,” Carrino said. “Something to prepare them for what they’re in for and help them make their own projects successful.”

Turning to Closet Professionals

Carrino is a seasoned interior designer with years of experience, but said he consistently leans on specialty professionals to create the best work. This was the case when it came to his storage organization for the firehouse. He turned to ClosetMaid’s design services to maximize the storage.

“I didn’t take a first crack at my closets,” he said. “I sent all my closet dimensions to ClosetMaid’s design team and they turned designs around for me. We went through just one design iteration and we were done.”

Getting the Dimensions Right

One of the challenges of a closet renovation on any scale is figuring out how much space you actually need to fit what you have. Carrino not only was moving to a new space, he was creating a his-and-hers master closet, which presented a different kind of challenge.

“My fiancée and I basically share a master walk-in with some open shelving right now,” Carrino said. “Figuring out how many clothes one has and how much space it needs to go in is perplexing, but fun at the same time. In the end I measured it all out and figured out how much space we would need.”

Customization Pulls It All Together

As a final step in designing the his-and-hers master closet, Carrino brought his fiancée into the process and they started customizing their MasterSuite closet together, adding the hampers, doors and other accessories that made the space work for the way they live.

“We were able to accomplish basically everything each of us wanted with relative ease because of the options ClosetMaid offers,” Carrino said. “Now I just can’t wait to hang my clothes in it.”