Opening Up: Homeowners are Organizing Themselves with Storage that Conveys Their Personality

Today’s homeowners, on average, can be expected to stay in the same house for 10-13 years — a significant increase compared to the period prior to the housing downturn in 2008 when the average stay was 6-9 years. As a result, our homes reflect our personalities more than ever. In fact, storage trends are falling right in line with lifestyle trends and preferences.

Enter Trend: Open Storage Design

Much like an open floor plan, an open storage design seamlessly integrates distinct functional areas into one harmonious living space. A master closet does not have to be confined within conventional boundaries of a walled-in area. Whether creating his and hers personal dressing areas, elegant display spaces for prized collections, or sorting shopaholic finds, homeowners and buyers welcome options for organizing their homes to fit their lifestyles. No longer do storage spaces need to be tucked out of the way in their own areas. Now they can be “designed in place” where it’s more conducive to one’s daily routine – blending in with the overall design and décor of the room.

Strategic Storage Design

While homes may have set floorplans for the kitchen, pantries, bedrooms, mudrooms or laundry areas, storage can be designed to enhance the efficiency of unused space and create more dynamic areas that speak to the homebuyer’s lifestyle and preferences. Storage and organization systems have come a long way with modular, flexible options that can be tailored to your homebuyer’s needs. Available professional design services offer a helping hand with appropriate storage configurations based on the home and the buyer. Laundry areas need a working surface and a combination of open shelving, closed storage and hanging area. Reach-in pantries can benefit from pull-out baskets, for visibility and accessibility. Similarly, a master closet designed for living makes it stand out along with the luxurious bath.

Modern Updates

Home organization is taken to the next level when storage is integrated in either open floor plans or tighter spaces with storage systems that match the quality and aesthetic of cabinetry used in your kitchen or bathrooms. Simple and easy storage can also be stylish – and achieving the right balance means choosing options that will ‘survive’ passing trends. For example, modern gray tones, shaker and slab styles are popular transitional elements that homeowners gravitate to when choosing styles that can look fresh and current for several years.