Organization For Every Room In The House: Why It Matters More Than Ever

Storage solutions from ClosetMaid can free up space in every room of the house

“The $8 billion home organization industry has more than doubled in size since the early 2000’s—growing at a staggering rate of 10% each year,” according to Becoming Minimalist. This means that storage products are not only in demand, but a wide variety of them are needed to meet our demanding lifestyles and to keep up with trends in home design.

Families have accumulated more personal possessions — more stuff — than ever. The result is a lack of usable space, and in turn, people spend approximately 153 days of their life searching for misplaced items, according to The Daily Mail. For this reason, the importance of having a variety of storage options throughout the home is paramount for homebuilders today.

Master Bedroom

According to USA Today, 60% of homeowners are willing to pay extra for a walk-in closet located in the master bedroom. This amenity is sought after for two reasons: space and status. ClosetMaid MasterSuite answers both. It is a luxury storage and organization system with a variety of finish colors to bring into harmony the rest of the home’s design. Not only does a well-designed, purposeful closet clear up floor and wall space in the bedroom, but it increases a home’s value as well. And taking into consideration that the average American family spends $1,700 on clothes each year, everyone can benefit from extra storage solutions (Forbes).


The kitchen tends to be one of the most cluttered areas within a home. A seemingly endless number of items and appliances are being used on a daily basis, which need to be located, used, and stored out of the way. According to Our House, “Kitchen storage is prime real estate. A major design mistake is not creating enough of it.” Companies like ClosetMaid have manufactured wire shelving systems that aid in the design and performance of kitchen spaces. Close Mesh allows for full visibility of shelved items with its narrow 5/8” wire separation design. This keeps small items in the pantry from tipping over while concurrently supporting larger, heavier items. Ventilated wire systems like these are also popular in utility closets. They promise adaptability and a progressive design, so builders and homeowners are willing to spend the extra dollars on storage products with these features.

Laundry rooms often become cluttered and serve as a storage area for anything that doesn’t have a designated spot otherwise. Some reports state that we consume twice as many material goods now compared to 50 years ago (Becoming Minimalist). So with the washer and dryer already taking up a significant amount of real estate, homeowners tend to only have room for what can fit in a laundry basket. In an article on BrightNest, the first step in organizing your laundry room is to “think vertical.” Taking advantage of that upper wall space with products like SuperSlide® make it an ideal locale for hanging clothes, linens, and cleaning agents. SuperSlide can easily be cut to a customized length to accommodate large or small areas – perfect for those narrow closets in hallways and bathrooms.


“Storage is always at a premium in a small space, but nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom,” according to a feature in Apartment Therapy. And for rooms subject to moisture, ClosetMaid shelving systems with ventilation gaps provide increased airflow, making them a great fit.

New, versatile products for any room

New products on the market are making it easier than ever for builders to deliver usable and beautiful storage solutions throughout the home. For example ExpressShelf™ from ClosetMaid is a brand new shelf and rod system with quick and efficient installation, designed to match the aesthetics and function of any closet type. It is a pre-finished product that requires absolutely no caulking or painting, and can be installed in a mere ten minutes. ExpressShelf is perfect for reach-in, walk-in, coat closets, laundry rooms, linen closets and pantries.

Living quarters can now be equipped with upgraded features whose purpose is twofold: aesthetics and functionality, because without both a home is not complete. Storage that truly works as an accessible space-saver cannot be overlooked. In addition, interior design options should increase the daily satisfaction and happiness of its residents. Builders of homes of any size now have a comprehensive set of tools for organization, in line with modern design — something homeowners want and are willing to pay for.

This article originally appeared on Professional Builder.